Three Popular Writing Clichés and How to Make them Better

Clichés are the bane of any writer's existence. We actively avoid them, try to rework our ideas to filter any out, and sometimes, maybe even lament that we can't go with an idea we really love simply because it's too cliché. But are all clichés really so bad? I don't think so. There are plenty … Continue reading Three Popular Writing Clichés and How to Make them Better

Writing Tips for Non-Writers

If you look up "writing tips" or "writing advice", you'll find that most of the content you discover is directed toward aspiring authors and passionate writers. But what if you're not one of those people? What if you're completely new to the world of writing or actually know you aren't good at it but have … Continue reading Writing Tips for Non-Writers

What is a creative lifestyle?

When people think of "creativity", their minds instantly go to the arts. While it's true that creative minds can pull off some incredible artistic feats, creativity in and of itself isn't just about art. While this blog's primary focus is writing, it's also about living a creative lifestyle, because I believe that creativity is something everyone … Continue reading What is a creative lifestyle?