Olympic Airways – Turntable Thursdays #1

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Welcome to the first ever Turntable Thursday where I’ll be delivering an awesome indie track to your dashboard along with a YouTube video so you can listen right away and an artsy photo featuring some of the lyrics for your viewing pleasure. You’re welcome.

This week’s track is “Olympic Airways” by an amazing band called Foals. The English group from Oxford is fronted by Yannis Philippakis, and this song is from their 2008 debut album Antidotes. It reached number 3 on the UK Album Charts and accrued a small following in other countries, most notably Japan, France and the Netherlands. They went on to release two more albums, Total Life Forever in May 2010 and Holy Fire in February of 2013.

“Olympic Airways” is the fourth track on Antidotes and if you like it, you can check out the full album on YouTube here and prep yourself for the release of the band’s fifth album, What Went Down, which will be released in just three days on August 28th.

Antidotes on Amazon (digital and CD)

What Went Down on Amazon (digital and CD)

All information credited to the geniuses at Wikipedia.

Coming Soon to a WordPress Near You

That WordPress, in case you somehow didn’t realise, is mine. I have recently (like, within the past two days recently) decided to begin promoting my work as a writer and trying to reach out to more people, gain some readers and get some feedback on my projects. Of course, that means putting myself out there, reaching out and engaging. So I have decided to start interviewing some up and coming names who are working hard themselves to break into the industry. Some are traditionally published. Others self-published. And others are like me, independent but with big dreams and a desire to put themselves and the people who live in their heads off the page and into the world.

I also plan to start posting some writing advice posts. I’ve been a writer since I was a sophomore in high school, had my book be in the top 30 of a site that had thousands of projects and was operated by one of the biggest names in the publishing industry and been critiqued and personally edited a lot. Let me repeat that so as to make it clear as possible: I have torn up manuscripts and started from scratch and spent literally the past year and a half plotting a book because I just couldn’t seem to get it right on the page. 

I know what it means to struggle with yourself as a writer, because let’s face it, being an artist of any kind is not easy, and writing in particular presents a unique set of challenges. I want to offer my insight on these and my own ways of tackling them, and to whoever stumbles upon this, hopefully my blog will help you on your writing journey too.

In other news, I’m taking college classes as I try to organise my life and thus far I am thoroughly enjoying all of the,. Particularly The Rise of Superheroes and Their Impact on Pop Culture. Comic books are one of my newest indulgences. I feel like I missed out so much earlier by writing them off as too cartoony and not my thing. They’re fantastic and just as diverse as novels: There is something out there for everybody. Trust me. Horror, indie, superhero, mystery, comedy. All you have to do is look and I promise you won’t be disappointed. Especially if you’re an art lover and get to enjoy not just an epic story with characters who manage to feel fully fleshed out with only mere lines of dialogue to support them, but also phenomenal and individual artwork. If you’ve never read a comic, go search for some tonight. Check out comicvine.com and find something that sparks your fancy.

I have to create my own superhero for the class and I got the idea for this character before I had even enrolled, so discovering that the warrior in my head who was the son of Orion the huntsman in Greek mythology, then starting the class and discovering the underlying associations between superheroes and Greek mythology, well, there’s no other word for it but kismet.

Also in my life is Within, my current novel, which I’ve just posted to Wattpad. The prologue and first chapter are up and I am working to garner some attention and get some new readers to follow along as I complete the novel over the course of the next two months, having the big release date on one of my favourite days of the year: Halloween. A post for the book will be arriving shortly.

I don’t know if I am even writing to anyone, given that I have one or two followers at the moment, but whoever you are, whenever you read this, stay tuned. It’s going to be a fun ride.

The Future is Over

Stop thinking about the future. It’s already happened.

When you woke up this morning, you probably didn’t recall the time last year when you couldn’t imagine being here right now. You thought that now was an impossibility, an inevitable occurrence, but one that would be painstaking to reach and result in little but more scars.

You were right. And oh so wrong. Has anyone ever told you what a paradox you are?

I’m not one to preach. I lived the largest portion of my life never contemplating the origins of us, fearing death to the point of lying in bed, throat sealed shut and suffocating as if I was already six feet under. I didn’t know if there was a capital G-O-D, or what difference it would even make if there was. After all, here I was. Here was life. It didn’t matter how I got there or what would happen afterwards, because the present was still the present. The future was still unobtainable, off-balance and blurry like your vision when you wake up Saturday after a Friday night trying to numb your soul’s senses and forget what you are.

I spent years coughing up dirt from my lungs, not realizing that every single day, I was the one tossing the handful into the grave I’d dug. It took me losing it all, breaking to the point of wanting to evaporate altogether, that I realized something.

I’m not dead yet. But I wasn’t alive either.

I don’t want to spend my future worrying about what’s to come. These are the days I didn’t want to face but that I also eagerly dreamt of. This is the someday my mind always went to, even though it’s still not as fleshed out and radiant as I want it to be.

These days, the ones you are living right this second, are your future. So why are you still unhappy?

For me, I found God. He isn’t the root of every problem and believing in Him doesn’t eradicate the issues that have beseeched humanity. But He is the answer. I can tell you whether you are someone who has believed their whole life but wondered whether they’re living a lie, or one who has lived rawly and truly without needing that something more, that higher power, but still find yourself empty at night, that there is hope.

There’s a lot I don’t understand about Him. But that’s to be all the more proof He really exists.

Nothing that was worth knowing, worth having, was ever easy to read. Every day is a discovery, a deep breath. Sometimes that breath is a shudder. Others a sigh of relief. And others still a laugh.

But each and every one I appreciate. I’m learning now to love even your darkest moments, because this is the future. This is now. And what a gift it is to be in it.

Diagnosis: Human

Lechon Kirb

It’s a fatal disease. The largest epidemic our world has ever known. No one is spared from its grip. We’re all infected. Every man, woman, child. No matter where they’re from. What they’ve done. Who they’ve been or who they’ll become.




We stare death in the face the minute we look into a mirror. This is what it means to be alive; to know that someday you won’t be. Excuse the morbidity. This isn’t about embracing the darkness of our fate or giving up on ourselves or our world because “We’re all going to wind up the same way anyway.” No, quite the contrary actually. This is a call to action, an analysis about life from the inside. Take it from me. There’s no denying I’m a goner. I’m so human it hurts.

And that’s how I know I’m alive.

We go through our days always wishing we were somewhere else. Someone else. Some place else. Whether you’re on a rooftop in Paris watching the sunset with a bottle in hand or on the church steps of a small American town because you have nowhere else to sleep, we all have stared up at the sky and wished more than anything we could escape. To where? To what? It’s always to a different place, or a different body. But it’s always human.

Even the people who think they want to die, who wish it on themselves, are wishing for nothing more than to experience something human.They don’t realize that there is no running from what we are, because from our conception to our death and decay, we are human. We will never escape that, and we shouldn’t want to.

To be human means you know what you are.

You see it. Feel it. Float on sunny days and thrash through the storms of it.

You laugh and you cry and you love and you hate, sometimes even yourself.

If you can actually have the ability to hate yourself, that alone is a pretty incredible thing.

Now imagine if every person who wanted to transcend themselves and achieve that enigmatic “someone else”, if they just stopped and decided that they were content with who they were. They don’t have to be happy. They don’t have to appreciate their poverty or their suffering. But imagine if they stopped – if we all stopped – trying to shake the only thing that ever was and ever will be for our kind and just embraced it. Exercised it. Fell in love with it and shared it. Lived it. Breathed it.

Escaped in it.


Photo credit: Lechon Kirb