Blogmas #2! 3 Days till Christmas!

I don’t know about you guys, but for me, it finally felt like it was December today more than any other time during the month. I’m not sure why, but even when I listened to Christmas music (which was a first for me this year) and watched the usual specials we’ve enjoyed since I was a kid, it just didn’t really elicit any sort of long-lasting excitement or …jolliness, I suppose, that’s associated with the season.

But today was nice. I went to bed at a good time last night and woke up at 8, and since I’ve been working on waking up earlier just to get into the habit and give myself more time to do all the things I want in a day, it felt much longer and I was able to relax and still fly through work this afternoon.

I started the day off right though by whipping up this delectable little dish. Egg wraps are super easy, low-fat, affordable and you can vary them depending on what you like or what you’re in the mood for, in case anyone out there wants a quick and simple DIY for breakfast (or heck, any time is fine, really.)


I stumbled across an old classic I used to own on VHS – The Nutcracker. I remember watching this when I was 4. And I’ve had “Dance of the Sugar Fairy” stuck in my head for days now thanks to my recent addiction to Piano Tiles 2. Seriously, guys, you should download it. It’s free, exposes you to nice classical music you’ve probably never heard of (I know I hadn’t, apart from some of the basics) and it’s wildly entertaining for a game that’s comprised of nothing but seeing how fast you can hit a ton of sliding keys.

In the afternoon, my brother and I went out and grabbed two elf hats (necessities, you know) and wore them the entire walk home and through the supermarket. It elicited some looks, but most were of amusement. I only noticed two teenage guys who seemed kinda snarky, so I avoided them and just went on my merry way. Ha. Merry. How festive of me. Then when I got home, I turned myself into a present that my brother adorned with an appropriate gift tag.



Now I’m just about to answer a writer’s Q&A I got tagged in, and then I’ll be eating some dinner and relaxing the rest of the night before bed. I hope you’re all enjoying your winter break or that the work days are going by fast before you’re off!