And I Can’t Look Away – Within Extra

My writing comes in sporadic bursts of vivid clarity. Music is by far the most influential aspect on my work, and sometimes I hear a new song and my mind is overcome with a scene, sometimes accompanied with a line or two. Today I didn’t just let the moment pass and took to Word immediately, fleshing out the details and documenting this moment from Hook’s life, before the novel begins. I thought I’d share it with all of you today.

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5 Ways to Write Better

Every writing advice blog seems to have cracked the code for being a better writer. If you just follow their easy steps, you’ll be riding high at the top of the New York Times Best Sellers list in no time. As helpful as some of these posts may be, they don’t hold the key to a successful writing future between their lines. Why not? Because every writer is different. We write different genres, see our books unfold differently in our minds, have different ultimate writing goals and, most importantly, sound very different from one another.

Following a writing formula may help you become more organized, but if you want to improve your writing voice and learn how to find your writing style, try out these 5 ways to write better.

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Get Real: Being Ourselves in the Digital Age

The Internet has taken over our lives. Whether you consider yourself an avid user or not, its influence is borderline omniscient.  From where we eat, what music we listen to, the style of clothes we wear and even how we meet our dates, the World Wide Web has pixelated, condensed and catalogued our entire existences into hashtags, likes and retweets. And I say enough is enough; it’s time we learn how to be human again in a world that is becoming increasingly more robotic.

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