Get to Know My Characters Tag!

So the lovely Holly once again tagged me to answer these character questions and I’m really excited to finally be openly discussing the people who have cluttered my head for the past year and a half. If you want to read about the characters from Holly’s upcoming book series Infernal Hunt, you can do so right here.

Give us the rundown of some of your main characters

Luna Carlisle is one of the main protagonists and primary narrator of Within. She’s about 5’6, has long red hair, green eyes and is both incredibly smart and and adorably naive, even though she’d never admit the latter to herself. She returns to her childhood hometown of Rockport, Massachusetts in order to uncover the truth behind the recurring nightmare that’s haunted her for the past year.

Caleb Lancaster AKA Hook is the second narrator of the novel. He’s 5’11, has messy light brown hair with a choppy fringe, deep green eyes and works at one of Rockport’s local restaurants. He’s passionate about music, loves his motorcycle and is a bad boy in more ways than you’d expect, even though deep down he doesn’t want to be. He’s sad a lot of the time but he’s learned to cover it up well enough. He has a dark secret. And he’s known Luna since they were 11 years old.

Ronan O’Sheehan is a secondary character in Within who literally smacks into Luna on her first day back in town. He’s tall and lanky, around 5’ll but much leaner than Hook with shorter dark brown hair, sincere, deep brown eyes and a septum ring. He suffers from frequent nosebleeds and always seems to know things without actually being present for them, a fact that comes to play a major role in the plot.

Who’s your favourite and why? 

Hook. I feel guilty to call any a favorite because I do have a special bond with each one, but there’s something about Hook that is deeper and more personal to me than the others. There’s a quote that goes, “His demons play well with my demons” and that’s a theme I want to place between one of his relationships in the book, but also one that resonates when it comes to the two of us.

Who’s the most difficult to write and why?

I’ve just begun writing Hook’s perspective and adding it into the book. This whole novel has been a challenge; by the time it’s finished, it’ll have been 23 months in the making. I’d say that Luna and Hook are both easy and challenging to write as depending on the context. The biggest obstacle has been not allowing what I know about their futures to alter their perceptions of things in the present.

If you could choose one to spend the day with in real life, who would you choose and why?

Well I’d love to hang out with all three and do different things with each one, but again I’d have to say Hook. I feel like he’s my fictional soulmate.

What’s their basic description? Physical appearance, job, etc.

As stated earlier, he’s tall and has messy light brown hair with a choppy fringe he usually leaves hanging in his eyes. His boss has told him to get a decent haircut a thousand times, but as far as Hook is concerned, this is the best style one could possibly have. He is a self-taught guitarist since age 13 and dreams of being a musician, but he hates to perform his own songs around anyone so he is stuck working at a local restaurant called Mel’s as a server instead. He comes from a difficult past, one that involved just his grandmother. She passed when he was 18, and at 22, he’s haunted by more things than most people are in a lifetime.

What are their views on love?

He’s in love with Luna. He believes in love very much and wishes that he could switch it off, because in his experience, loving someone is what makes it easiest for you to hurt them and that is the last thing he would ever want to do.

He’s learned to live with the constant struggle of love and necessity.

What are their religious views?

He considers himself a Christian, but doesn’t practice the religion. He knows there is a God, but he doesn’t feel worthy enough for Him and is all but convinced that He has given up on him completely.

How do they feel about death?

He’s contemplated it many times, but he still hasn’t allowed himself to give up completely. He’s far more scared about what comes after dying than death itself.

What’s their approach to food and cooking?

He has worked in the same seafood restaurant since he was 16 so he knows his way around the kitchen. He works long shifts and is usually tired when he comes home, so he doesn’t cook big meals very often, but he could definitely woo someone with a romantic homemade dinner.

What’s their place in the world?

Your guess is as good as his.

What’s their big dream?

To be happy. And understand what that even means.

How did they come about?

A dream, just like Luna. I saw the first chapter of the book in a dream through her eyes and during one part of it, she was hiding from people in this large bathroom stall with a boy who she called Hook. I never saw his face in the dream, at least I can’t remember seeing it, but the minute I started writing, he was crystal clear.

If you were to ship them with another character, yours or someone else’s, who and why?

I don’t know of any characters I’d ship him with, but I would love to see how he’d fare in a post-apocalyptic world like the one in Warm Bodies or my last book, Subsidence. I’m really curious as to how he’d get along with that group of characters.

Finally, if you can, share some lines or a snippet focused on this character!

Sure! The first paragraph from Hook’s POV, which is chapter six in Within.

Things could be worse. 
     That is what I think as I haul the last shovel of hard earth over my shoulder and climb out of the grave. It’s a little more than six feet deep so I have to toss the shovel up before me and haul myself up with both arms, digging the toes of my boots into the walls of the pit for leverage. I probably don’t even need to dig so deep. They’ll never find the bodies out here. They haven’t found a single one yet, and even if they did, there’d be no way to connect me to the crimes.”

Thanks again to Holly for tagging me! I don’t know any bloggers who haven’t been tagged, so feel free to take these questions and post the answers on your blog and leave a comment with the link below so I can read about your characters!



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