My Writing Bucket List

We all have dreams. And writers have enough for multiple lives. That’s why we create characters, worlds and stories to realize them. Of course, even when the entire universe is only limited to your imagination, time prevents you from exploring everything you want to all at once, so that’s why I’ve come up with a writing bucket list to remember all the awesome things I want to explore through my work as a writer. Check it out and share your own with the hashtag #writersbucketlist!

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Does God Use The Internet?

The more the world becomes accessible, the less we see God. The technological advancements of the past 150 years are greater than our ancestors ever could have imagined, and the Bible certainly never addressed what it would be like when everyone spent half their lives plugged into a virtual community that unites just about every part of the world. It sounds like an incredible opportunity for fellowship, but it seems that the more of His creation we’re able to reach, the less we need Him to make sense of it. God has been pushed aside by another big G: Google.

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My TBR List: March 2016

While I get caught up in work, school and some other blog post ideas, I thought I’d make a fun post about what I’m currently reading (or have just downloaded and plan to read in the near future). This isn’t just fun for a book nerd like me. It could also turn you onto some awesome new novels out there to brighten your bookshelf (or favorite e-reader). The following books are all ones that I’m about to start. I have really gotten into sampling bits and pieces of different novels lately, just because there are so many I want to read.

I’ve also been formulating a unique way to use reading as a reward system for getting some more writing done, which may make an interesting post down the line. Anyway, without further adieu, let’s take a look at the adventures I’m about to partake on. If you’ve already read any of these, or are in the midst of doing so now, feel free to share your experience and leave any other recommendations in the comments down below! Continue reading “My TBR List: March 2016”