Turntable Thursdays #11: Gold

Sometimes you come across a song that instantly hits you in a way that touches your soul. It nurtures a part of you that you keep purposefully and safely hidden from the world, and reminds you that despite all the long nights, wordless thoughts and repressed emotions, you aren’t alone.

And other times you find a song like Kiiara’s “Gold” that touches your soul in a way that makes you want to take off your all clothes and dance. Continue reading “Turntable Thursdays #11: Gold”

Turntable Thursdays #10: Voices Drifting

Turntable Thursdays is back, baby! After quite a hiatus, I’m so excited to get back into sharing my favorite music with you guys on a weekly basis. This returning tenth installment finds us with a song I am obsessed with.

Seriously. The amount of times I have listened to this and watched this video is ridiculous. I even made a wallpaper with stills I took.

Lads and ladies, I present to you “Voices Drifting” by Australia’s The Holidays. Continue reading “Turntable Thursdays #10: Voices Drifting”

Whose Side Are You Really On? Why I’m #TeamCap

As Captain America: Civil War fastly approaches, social media is ablaze with hashtag swears of fealty. Interestingly enough, the supporters seem to act as reflections of the personalities of their preferred hero; those who are proudly #TeamCap post trailers, clips and help build up the general hype, #TeamIronMan have no shortage of memes and tweets talking smack on the man in blue.

For most fans of the films, choosing a side was as simple as picking which superhero they liked more. For those of us who are more versed in the Marvel universe, the choice is much more difficult.

If you don’t really know much about the upcoming Civil War, allow me to fill you in on what’s really going on, and tell you why, despite seeing both sides, I’m devoted to #TeamCap.

Continue reading “Whose Side Are You Really On? Why I’m #TeamCap”