Interview with Holly Evans

Holly Evans is one of the first writers I ever met on Twitter nearly a year ago. Her quick wit, kindness, passion for music and love of the supernatural are just a few of the traits I love most about her. When we first met, she wasn’t even done writing her series, but her dream of being a successful author was just as strong.

Now, the first book of the Infernal Hunt series, a novella called Infernal Ties, will release tomorrow on Amazon for just 0.99. A week later, Infernal Bonds will be released. I lined up an interview with her months ago and am elated to finally present this exclusive conversation with Holly about her love for mythology, her choice of indie publishing and the apocalypse.  Continue reading “Interview with Holly Evans”

How to be an Adult

A young man with a pair of binoculars.

This week, I started working the closest I ever have to a full-time schedule. It’s 30 hours of image and article formatting, while also working in time for my digital marketing and web design classes. It’s been difficult. Not impossible, but definitely a lot more draining than I imagined. It’s had me thinking a lot about “adulting” lately, and I realizing something.

More and more 20-somethings don’t actually have any idea how to be an adult, so I’ve decided to craft a list of 5 cardinal rules that will help lay the foundation of the philosophy needed to make it in the “real world.”

Continue reading “How to be an Adult”

Guess Where I’m Going?

In my last update post, I talked about deciding whether I would be moving back home to the Big Apple or heading over to the UK. While living in England has always been a dream of mine (and one I don’t intend to abandon), my heartstrings have been pulled taut for a long while now toward New York.

I’ve missed it immensely ever since I left. I’m no stranger to the harshness of the city and the struggle it poses to people with limited financial resources, but New York City imbues you with a sense of purpose. I feel the potential in myself every time I walk the streets. I see who I want to be and feel encouraged to strive toward that person. So this spring, after my visa in Italy expires, I will be returning to my home turf and pursuing my career in web design. It will take a lot of hard work and budgeting, but it can be done and boy, am I ready for the spring.

New York, I’m coming home.