What’s a subplot in literature and how do I write one?

A novel is never really just one story. It’s a combination of characters, souls, wants, desires all rolled into one. A subplot is a story within your story — it’s what your characters are doing when they aren’t focused on the big picture.

Today we’ll define exactly what makes up a good subplot and how you can write one yourself.

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Your Book’s Not Flawed, You Are

There are a lot of things that we as writers could do differently. I think, deep down, we don’t need any editor or beta reader or critique partner to tell us that. We’re lazy. We’re overinvested. We’re defensive. We’re insecure.

All of us are struggling to make the ideas in our minds sound as good on paper as they feel in our hearts.

But in order to truly become a better writer, we have to accept the fact that we’re not perfect and this image of success we hold in our heads — some undefined end point where we suddenly evolve like Pokemon from an aspiring writer to a full-fledged, real deal author — isn’t going to happen.

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Best YouTube Music Channels for Writers

I’ve been gone a while. For that, I apologize. But I come bearing gifts! If you’re like me, music is an essential when you write. Every project I have — even ones I haven’t even thought to start writing yet — has a playlist on Spotify and I’m constantly seeing scenes flash like movie clips in my head when I listen to my favorite songs.

Writing requires us to go beyond our own likes, though. We need to understand the place we’re writing from, the minds our characters experience their worlds with, and I don’t think there’s an easier key into another world than music.

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