25 Dogs that Win Halloween

Halloween is a time of year when even those who detest dogs in clothes can’t resist dressing up their four-legged friend. And who can blame them? Puppies are, dare I say, cuter than most babies. They won’t grow out of their costumes in most cases and they haven’t even eat chocolate, so you get all the treats to yourself! Your furry friend is just happy to be along for the spooky festivities.

These 25 pooches deserve serious praise for their hair-raising getups.  Continue reading “25 Dogs that Win Halloween”

5 Best Video Game Storylines Writers Can Learn From

Writing spans far beyond books, though many budding novelists don’t tend to look outside the printed fiction box when it comes to finding inspiration. While it’s obviously great to find books that make you want to write your own, there are so many other wonderful mediums for writing that can be doubly inspirational. One of my favorites is video games.

We’re long past the days of mindlessly gobbling ghosts in Pac-man and racing our way to the top in Mario Kart. While entertaining, those games lacked the intricate and powerful storylines that define many of today’s most popular titles.

If you’re already a gamer and familiar with these games, read this article, then go back, replay, and reevaluate from a writer’s perspective.

If you’ve never heard of any of these but are curious about what I’m even talking about, read on and discover some of the best storylines in video games to date.  Continue reading “5 Best Video Game Storylines Writers Can Learn From”