“You quite literally saved my life”| Saying Goodbye to The Vampire Diaries

Today marks the end of an era. This isn’t the end of a TV series; it’s the closing of a chapter in my life. I wanted to make a blog post about The Vampire Diaries finale but was afraid I wouldn’t be able to put everything this show, its writers, and the incredible cast of characters have done for me over the years.

But now it’s the morning of the final day we will ever enter the borders of Mystic Falls, and I have to try.  Continue reading ““You quite literally saved my life”| Saying Goodbye to The Vampire Diaries”

Happy World Book Day! Here are My Two All-Time Favorites!

March 2nd was  World Book Day! I read that on Twitter. And the web. But if I Google “World Book Day 2017”, it tells me that it isn’t until April 23. So maybe I’ll do a post for that day too.

But in either case, I drafted this post for the 2nd and still wanted to share it with all of you. It may be a tad late, but it’s still going up and what’s what counts on my battle against procrastination and incompletion!

Today (well, March 2nd), writers and readers alike can celebrate the books that have changed their lives, the ones they’re writing and the ones that are to come. In honor of this day, I decided to share my two all-time favorite books with you! Check them out below and please share your own in the comments!

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