What is a creative lifestyle?

When people think of “creativity”, their minds instantly go to the arts. While it’s true that creative minds can pull off some incredible artistic feats, creativity in and of itself isn’t just about art.

While this blog’s primary focus is writing, it’s also about living a creative lifestyle, because I believe that creativity is something everyone can learn to identify, harness, and implement to live happier, fuller, more inspiring lives. 

Creativity can be an artistic act, but having a naturally creative mind is only the first step to success. Even if you’re a natural born artist or athlete, sheer talent won’t help you develop your skills and reach your personal best.

In order to do that, you have to be able to embrace your talent and mold it through hours of hard work, dedication and, yes, even criticism.

But how does creativity come into play?

Living a creative life allows everyone to be more balanced, structured, and open to the world. When you decide to approach life with a “what can I learn from this?” mindset, you blossom.

Creative Living for the Average Joe

So you aren’t naturally creative. Your hobby might be lifting at the gym, playing sports, gaming, or something else entirely unrelated to what you perceive as a creative endeavor. But no matter what you love to do, learning to do it with a creative mind will completely revolutionize the way you experience it and enjoy it.

It all starts with a decision to question things. Creativity and critical thinking go hand-in-hand. After all, deciding to write a book might be considered a creative act, but it’s only through months or years of writing, editing, and using your mind to come up with a well-structured plot that you really get anywhere. Great ideas, 90 percent of the time, don’t just spring up out of nowhere.

The professional creatives are so good at what they do because they are open to everything around them; they are eager to learn something from their fellow humans, their environment, and their own lives.

It takes an effort to approach life like this; many of us just operate on autopilot and don’t really care to analyze every situation or encounter in hopes of drawing some creative inspiration from it. But that’s not really what I’m saying you should do.

To start living a more creative life, you have to accept the fact you don’t know everything, and then realize that’s a really beautiful thing.

Clueless is the First Step Toward Being Creative

It sounds kind of counterintuitive, I know. If you know nothing, how are you supposed to do anything? That’s where learning to live creatively comes in. When you aren’t burdened by the fact you aren’t the best at what you love the most, learning becomes fun. You become eager to find ways to improve and don’t berate yourself (or others) in the process.

Instead of seeing a person you went to high school with succeeding in their field and being low-key pissed off at them for having more than you, you can adopt a creative perspective. First, ask yourself why you’re bothered by their success. Is it because they have more money, they’re married and you can’t even land a date, or is it something deeper than that? Do they seem fulfilled in all the areas of life that you aren’t? Answer honestly, and be comfortable with the truth.

To start living a more creative life, you have to accept the fact you don’t know everything, and then realize that’s a really beautiful thing.

A creative mindset strips the guilt from emotions like jealousy and regret. Instead of feeling like a bitter loser, you can feel confident in yourself for having the emotional intelligence necessary to not only identify what you’re feeling but also why you’re feeling it.

So you’ve admitted you know nothing, Jon Snow (sorry, I couldn’t resist). Now what?

Embracing Your Creative Mind

Once you’ve decided to adopt a creative mindset, it’s time to start analyzing what you take in and implement it in a way that’s uniquely beneficial. The great thing about living creatively? There are no limits. You’re free to change your mind as you go along, as you grow, as you experience new things.

Unlike a lot of other self-help tips and life philosophies, a creative lifestyle doesn’t force you to think within the confines of a certain model. It teaches you to create the model.

Here are five tips to start being more creative today:

  1. Embrace your weirdness. Don’t worry about fitting in, figure out what makes you different and use it to your advantage.
  2. Question why things bother you. Then brainstorm five ways you could make them better.
  3. Try new things! This doesn’t have to be extreme; use a different piece of gym equipment during your next workout, order something different from the menu at your favorite restaurant, or click a random playlist on Spotify. Start diversifying your preferences; imagination is fueled by new experiences.
  4. Encourage emotions. As human beings, we’re designed to feel a wide spectrum of feelings. Some are great, others not so much, but don’t repress yourself trying to fit into a certain identity. Feel what you feel, explore why you do, and take control.
  5. Explore your own mind. Start a journal. It can be in a notebook or even just your phone’s Notes app. Jot down random things, whether it’s a poetic line that popped into your head or just a transcription of your boring afternoon at the office. This is a great way to feel like a participant in your own life.

What makes you creative?

Share your own tips for living creatively in the comments below!




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