Successful Writing Tips for Bloggers

Writing is hard, and so is blogging. Sometimes, it can be a struggle to tailor your creative writing voice to a blog, so I’ve put together some tips from my experience to help you sound the most “you” that you can on your site. 

Little Siberia focuses predominantly on fiction writing, but writing is also an important medium used in every industry today. If you’re a blogger, then knowing how to write a good post is especially important! After all, there’s no way to run a blog without any posts!

I’m still discovering myself on my blogging journey, but I’ve learned a lot through personal experience and studying, and I’d like to pass on some advice to any fellow or aspiring bloggers out there!

Know Your Subject


Too many people try to write a blog about everything and wind up struggling to produce any high-quality content. This is normal; humans are naturally curious beings and it’s instinctive to find interest in a lot of things. When given a platform, it’s easy to get carried away and write about anything and everything that comes to mind.

I made this mistake early on my blog. It wasn’t even that I didn’t know what I was talking about, I just wasn’t linking any of my subject matter coherently, so depending on what day you landed on my site, you could have guessed I blogged about comics, music, or writing.

Make sure that your blog’s subject matter is obvious from the first click. 

Theme choice and layout play a huge role in this, but we’ll talk about that in a different post. When it comes strictly to writing, choose subject matter you’re familiar and comfortable with. Then, as you develop posts that are filled with personal insight, you can expand your horizons, learn new things on your own, and then incorporate that into your posts.

Keep Things Concise


Many impassioned bloggers often mistakenly associate word count and credibility. They are so caught up in what they’re writing that they wind up cranking out a 2000 word post that readers click on and leave in a few seconds.

People find your site through keyword searches. This means they’re looking for direct answers to whatever they’re searching. Even if you have a great title that makes them click your link right away, they’re going to be put off when faced with walls of text that require plenty of scrolling to sort through.

Don’t get me wrong — long posts have their place and when writing about a topic people want to read a lot about, they’re great. But 90 percent of the time, most people don’t want to spend 5 to 10 minutes reading a post when they can find a 500-word one that answers all their questions in half that time.

Do Your Research

Once you’ve come up with an idea for a new blog post, Google it. Of course it’s been done before, but how? What are the top links on the first page and what similarities do they share? You want to see what these posts addressed so you don’t spend too much time on it in your own writing.

But that’s not all: researching your topic can help you see where top posts were lacking, either through your own observations or in the comments section. Make a mental note of what other blogs skimped on and center your writing around that. 

Compare Constructively


Comparison is crippling when it isn’t done correctly. People learn from one another; you shouldn’t expect to write a successful blog all by yourself without ever seeing how the ones who came before you did it.

But when you check out other sites, do it with a creative mindset. Instead of wondering where you went wrong, ask what these bloggers did right and learn from their successes. We’ll always compare ourselves to others from time to time, but wouldn’t you rather walk away from the experience feeling inspired instead of defeated?

Share Your Own Blogging Tips!

I’d love to hear about what you’ve learned blogging or what you’d like to learn about in the future! Tell me your writing tips for success in the comments below!



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