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Thanks for stopping by. If you clicked on this page, chances are you want to know a little more about me, so here’s the skinny: I’m Jessica,  a 24-year-old writer, communications and graphic design student and aspiring author from New York City.

Little Siberia is a writing blog designed to help writers just like you unlock their full potential and lead more creative lives. The official relaunch is slated for early 2018, but I will be publishing some new posts here and there as I work hard on bringing you the type of writing website you deserve.

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  1. Rob W. says:

    I reallly enjoy your blog. I especially enjoy Turntable Thursdays. I’m a big comic book fan and The Avengers guide was a really fun read. I’m an amateur writer and I hope to start a blog, like you have, sometime soon. Keep up the good work.

    I really like Halsey now

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    1. Jessica Wynn says:

      Your comment just made my night. Thank you! I’m totally new to blogging so I’m just writing whatever comes to mind and trying to put out the type of things I like to read. I loved your post about The Question! You definitely have a lot to say and a voice that’s easy to follow along with.

      I got hooked on comics pretty recently and will definitely be keeping up with the Avengers guide and hope to start some reviews in the near future.

      And sweet! A Turntable Thursday actually did its job! haha Halsey is pretty good 😀

      Thanks again for your awesome comment! Keep up your blogging as well! I’ll be reading. 🙂

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      1. Rob W. says:

        You just made my day! I try to really work hard on every thing that I write. I really try to express my voice. Your blog is definitely going to be common reading for me. I love the Turntable Thursdays! I had never listened to Halsey before but now I’m hooked. Tha ks for the compliments. I’m definitely going to keep reading your blog. Keep up the good work Miss Jessica lol

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  2. Melis says:

    I found your blog when I followed you on twitter and I really like it, especially your Turntable Thursday idea. Blogging is so much fun and I hope you find it as enjoyable as I have for the past year 🙂

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    1. Jessica Wynn says:

      Hi there! That’s so great, I’m glad you found me. So happy you’re enjoying Turntable Thursdays, they’re my favourite thus far too. Thanks for the follow and well wishes! I’m having a lot of fun with blogging so far and definitely plan to keep it up! 🙂

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  3. christawojo says:

    Hi Jessica. I stumbled upon you on Twitter. I read part of Within, and I love your writing! I can’t wait to explore your blog. I’m an American living abroad too. Ciao-ciao!

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    1. Jessica Wynn says:

      Hi there! Pleasure to meet you. Thank you very much! That means a lot. I plan on finishing the book in the next couple months and posting more online so people can read it. And that’s awesome! It’s weird living abroad, I still find myself feeling out of place sometimes 3 years later, but all part of the adventure, right? Ciao!


  4. Cynt says:

    Jessica, I nominated your blog for the “The Versatile Blogger” Award. I hope you accept my nomination.

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    1. Jessica Wynn says:

      Thank you so much! Of course I accept. I’m so happy you enjoy my blog enough to nominate me! Truly honored!


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