25 Dogs that Win Halloween

Halloween is a time of year when even those who detest dogs in clothes can’t resist dressing up their four-legged friend. And who can blame them? Puppies are, dare I say, cuter than most babies. They won’t grow out of their costumes in most cases and they haven’t even eat chocolate, so you get all the treats to yourself! Your furry friend is just happy to be along for the spooky festivities.

These 25 pooches deserve serious praise for their hair-raising getups.  Continue reading “25 Dogs that Win Halloween”

Interview with Holly Evans

Holly Evans is one of the first writers I ever met on Twitter nearly a year ago. Her quick wit, kindness, passion for music and love of the supernatural are just a few of the traits I love most about her. When we first met, she wasn’t even done writing her series, but her dream of being a successful author was just as strong.

Now, the first book of the Infernal Hunt series, a novella called Infernal Ties, will release tomorrow on Amazon for just 0.99. A week later, Infernal Bonds will be released. I lined up an interview with her months ago and am elated to finally present this exclusive conversation with Holly about her love for mythology, her choice of indie publishing and the apocalypse.  Continue reading “Interview with Holly Evans”