How to Improve Your Writing | Narration

Welcome to part 2 of the “How to Fix Your Writing” series! In part 1, we talked about tone, its definition and its variations. This week we’ll be taking a look at narration, which is what writers use in order to set their tone and tell their story. How can you decide the best way to narrate your story? Is it going to be first, second or third person? How much is your narrator going to reveal? Are they even going to tell the truth? Let’s figure it out.  Continue reading “How to Improve Your Writing | Narration”

How to Start a Blog | Part 2: How to Make Blog Graphics that Pop

how to start a blog

Hey there, and welcome to part 2 of “How to Start a Blog”! Little Siberia is rapidly approaching its first birthday, and as a tribute I think writing this series to help other people jump start their blogging careers is the least I can do with all the knowledge I’ve learned. In the introductory post, I helped you pick a theme for your new blog. Now we’re going to talk about how to personalize that theme and your future posts. Let’s talk about why you don’t need to know Photoshop to design blog graphics that stands out. Continue reading “How to Start a Blog | Part 2: How to Make Blog Graphics that Pop”

How to Improve Your Writing | Tone

Hey everyone! Welcome to part 1 of my “How to Fix Your Writing Series”! If you want to read the introduction and get a quick overview of the topics this series will cover, click INSERT LINK HERE. I originally planned to have this post out on the 22nd, but time got in the way and I’ve just been super distracted trying to find my very first freelance writing gigs on my own and studying like a mofo. More on that in a different post.

Today, though, is the kick off of what I have decided will be a biweekly series. I feel like every two weeks is not only better because I will have the time to give you the best quality post possible, but it’ll also give you time to complete the exercises and try to implement the advice from the post into your current WIPs.

So let’s get started! This week is all about tone. Continue reading “How to Improve Your Writing | Tone”