Within: Chapter 1

As I work on my novel, I decided to start sharing it here. I don’t know how far it will go or what the reception will be, but one thing I love is hearing from people who enjoy my work. The only way for that to happen is to actually start placing it here, so here it is!

Within is a supernatural suspense novel that follows the story of Luna Carlisle and her best friend Hook. Luna is hunting a demon. Hook is one. Together, they’ll have to put aside their feelings and fears to stop the series of murders tearing apart their hometown before they both become the next killers. 

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Road Stop – A Free Verse Poem

“You’re my favorite road stop,” she told me

Hair in her face, dancing in the breeze

I thought about what she could mean

That she’s a lone voyager, lost and exhausted

And finally found reprieve

Or that she’s on an expedition

Far, far away from here

One I could never begin to comprehend

Cause I’m just a road stop on her way to The End

I smile instead of asking where she’s headed

Right now, I’m present-tense

And that’s enough for me

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I was told to try Pinterest as a way of building book mood boards, but it’s spiraled out of control and now I’m not only doing that; I’m curating loads of awesome writing content that can help you make your stories better through blog posts, vocabulary lists, infographics, and more! Read on for links and examples!

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Creativity vs. Profitability in Writing

If you’re about to self-publish your first book or have already done so and found out that you can make good money with the right stuff,  you may wonder exactly what you have to write in order to optimize sales. Earning money for your blood, sweat, and tears is a wonderful benefit, but it shouldn’t be your primary motivation.

When you write with money as your goal, your work inevitably becomes more commercialized. Creativity’s shoved into the passenger’s seat while greed takes the wheel. Eventually, your books lose the distinct flavor that ties to you and become nothing more than manufactured products that are as easy to replace as if they were made on an assembly line.

This sounds harsh, I know, and it definitely doesn’t apply to all authors. Out of all the self-published writers I’ve seen and spoken to on Twitter over the past year and a half, I’ve only met one or two who were admittedly in it only for the attention and money it would garner them.  As I embark in a new direction with my own work, and see others on the fence and struggling on the road to publication, I wanted to write a post that would help put things into perspective. Continue reading “Creativity vs. Profitability in Writing”