Within: Chapter 1

As I work on my novel, I decided to start sharing it here. I don’t know how far it will go or what the reception will be, but one thing I love is hearing from people who enjoy my work. The only way for that to happen is to actually start placing it here, so here it is!

Within is a supernatural suspense novel that follows the story of Luna Carlisle and her best friend Hook. Luna is hunting a demon. Hook is one. Together, they’ll have to put aside their feelings and fears to stop the series of murders tearing apart their hometown before they both become the next killers.Β 

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Road Stop – A Free Verse Poem

“You’re my favorite road stop,” she told me

Hair in her face, dancing in the breeze

I thought about what she could mean

That she’s a lone voyager, lost and exhausted

And finally found reprieve

Or that she’s on an expedition

Far, far away from here

One I could never begin to comprehend

Cause I’m just a road stop on her way to The End

I smile instead of asking where she’s headed

Right now, I’m present-tense

And that’s enough for me


I see the glass shatter before I feel my head go through it. Adrenaline is weird like that; everything happens all at once, but at the same time, you see every little detail unfolding around you. The guard’s red, scrunched-up expression as he rams my face through the car window; the spider web valleys that explode across the glass just before it bursts around me; the shards that scatter onto the seat and lodge into my skin.

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